Wal-Mart in-store pharmacies only use Avision technology

The largest retailer in the world, Wal-Mart has over 2,400 stores in the United States that include an in-store pharmacy. Handling thousands of prescriptions daily is an onerous task, and Avision scanners were brought in to process these efficiently and accurately.

Compact and lightweight, Avision portable desktop scanners were ideal for the job. Taking up little space, these high speed sheet-fed scanners can process multiple sheets in one go.

Depending on the model, they can scan 25-40 pages per minute in colour, greyscale or black and white. Resolution is up to 600dpi and the scanners accommodate documents ranging in size from cheques to A4. A simple USB interface connects them with the pharmacy’s computer system.

The workflow in the Wal-Mart pharmacies is now as follows:

  • The pharmacists checks and confirms the customer’s prescription
  • The pharmacist then scans the prescription
  • Information on the prescription is captured accurately and electronically via optical character recognition (OCR processing)
    Copies of the prescription are stored and managed electronically – and are assigned to the customer’s records on the computer system
  • The customer is issued with the prescribed medication.

Avision developed customised scanners to meet Wal-Mart’s specific needs. Products from our range that are suitable for similar requirements are:

  • Avision AV122 scanners: A4 sheet-fed desktop scanners which offer simplex and duplex (both sides) scanning, capturing up to 36 pages per minute. Button Manager also converts documents to searchable PDFs at the touch of a button.
  • Avision AV220C2+ scanners: With an ultrasonic sensor that can detect double feeds, this popular scanner processes 40/80 A4 sheets in simplex/duplex mode. One-button functionality allows up to nine scanning applications.
  • Dual driver: The Avision dual driver allows users to connect a flatbed scanner and a desktop sheet-fed scanner to a USB hub on a single driver. The dual driver will automatically detect and scan the documents, by selecting either the flatbed scanner or sheet fed scanner.

For more information about this case study, or to find out how Avision scanners can help digitise, secure and streamline your organisation’s document management, please contact us.