Connect Any Avision Document Scanner

Connect Any Avision Document Scanner to any Flatbed Scanner

Avision leading scanning technology has developed the Avision dual driver to enable any Avision sheet fed document scanner to connect directly to any Avision flatbed scanner. Each scanner works either independently, or in unison to provide seamless switching from the flatbed scanner to the sheet feeder.

No need to switch the scanning source for the paper. One touch scanning with Avision Button Manager software, put the paper on either the flatbed or into the sheet feeder unit and push scan on the appropriate unit. No requirement to go into the driver or capture software to switch the scanners from one to the other.

Advantages of using the Avision dual driver:

  • Combine the exact profile of scanners you require
    • A6 flatbed(AVA6+) with A4 40ppm sheet feed scanner(AV186+)
    • A4 flatbed(IS1000) with A3 60ppm sheetfed scanner(AV320D2+)
  • Combining scanners creates a more affordable solution to the combination units
  • Optimises desktop space
  • Combine the latest technology and speed of the new Avision scanners
  • Combine the scanners or chose to separate and operate them independently if required

This is not a tethered solution that only operates when the scanners are connected to each other. Either scanner can be separated to operate as an independent scan unit in different locations.

Contact us to find out more or request a demonstration of this solution

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