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Flatbed Scanners

There is a scanner for every need and if your needs are not very specific, then a flatbed is probably the most versatile scanner. The advantages of a flatbed scanner outweigh the cons by far. With a flatbed scanner you can scan documents of various sizes and thicknesses, you can even scan 3D objects if they are not too thick. Because the scanning component moves over the document, instead of the document moving past a stationary scanning head, there is no risk of a paper jam which could damage fragile, delicate or vintage documents. The colour depth and resolution also tends to be better because the document does not move. A flatbed scanner is usually compatible with a range of attachments, such as an automatic document feeder that clips on to the scanner or transparent media attachments that allows you to scan film, negatives or slides. The flatbed scanner is affordable, compact and generally more robust because of the solid-state technology. The main disadvantage is productivity, as you can only scan one page at a time. This disadvantage can however be somewhat remedied by adding an ADF attachment or opting for a combination flatbed scanner. Among the Avision Flatbed scanner range, you will find defining features that makes each model a leader in it’s field. The AVA6 is A6 size scanner that is perfect for small scans up to passport size. Despite it’s diminutive size, the scan quality is very high at 600dpi. The FB1000 is unique in the sense that it is USB powered and does not need an external power supply. This feature, as well as the slim design, makes it a perfect high quality portable flatbed scanner. The FB1200 is a high-speed flatbed scanner, scanning at less than 4 seconds per page. In certain cases when highly confidential documents needs to be scanned in an open network environment, the IS1000 Intelliscan where you can scan directly to a USB flash drive, is the perfect solution. The IS 1000 does not need to be plugged into a computer at all, ensuring absolute security in terms of public scanning situations.