A network scanner is one device, dedicated to scanning only that is connected to your organisations existing network infrastructure and can be accessed by all the computers that are connected to the network. Being connected to all the users enhances business processes, ensuring the seamless flow of documents within the organisation, making it an effective document distribution tool. With simple, easy to understand operation interfaces, our network scanners can be used by anyone in the organisation. The digitised content can be sent to preset destinations like scan to email, scan to files, scan to host device and scan to flash. With the relevant security measures in place, your sensitive content is safe from possible data compromise. Having to wait for an opening in the queue to use a multifunction device wastes time and money and can be the cause of frustration amongst employees. Multifunction devices are also prone to failure and do not provide the scan quality that dedicated scanning devices do.

In addition to their reliability, the intuitive touch screen makes scanning easy without the need for specialized training. Special security measures include restricted access and specific user data (username and password), ensuring that the data does not reside on the scanner. Our network scanners are also compatible with SharePoint allowing you to share, collaborate and manage internal documents in a few clicks.