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There is a scanner for every need and if your needs are not very specific, then a flatbed is probably the most versatile scanner. The advantages of flatbed scanners far outweighs the cons. With a flatbed scanner you can scan documents of various sizes and thicknesses, you can even scan 3d objects if they are not too thick. Because the scanning component moves over the document, instead of the document moving past a stationary scanning head, it does not damage fragile, delicate or vintage documents. The colour depth and resolution also tend to be better because the document does not move. A flatbed scanner is usually compatible with a range of attachments, such as an automatic document feeder that clips on to the scanner or transparent media attachments that allows you to scan film, negatives or slides. The flatbed scanner is affordable, compact and generally more sturdy because of the solid state technology. The main disadvantage is productivity, as you can only scan one page at a time.


Network scanners enables different users from different computers to access  the same scanner, choosing where the scanned images are sent to. These destinations include the shared server, specific file systems or the cloud. By using optical character recognition software scanners shared on a network can dramatically increase automated forms processing and therefore decrease human intervention. The implication of course means higher productivity, fewer errors and better customer service.


Portable scanners are in a class of their own. They are very useful and can save a lot of time and money. In this category, there are a great variety of different scanners suitable for a variety of different uses. A digital pen writes like a normal pen except that your words appear on your screen instead of on the paper. A pen scanner on the other hand is more like a highlighter than a pen. You simply drag it over the existing document and it will capture it and convert it to text (or images) on your screen. A mouse scanner is both a mouse and a scanner. It looks and works just like a regular mouse but when the scan button is held, it also captures and converts the document electronically. Handheld or wand scanners are very compact scanners that are used by simply gliding over the document to capture as it moves. Most portable scanners are battery operated and works without computers, capturing documents and images to SD or usb storage devices.