About Avision

Where are Avision based in Africa?

Our distribution teams are located in Cape Town and Johannesburg but we supply products to clients across all of Africa.

Can I come and see a product demo?

We’d be happy to demonstrate our product for you. Simply contact us to make an appointment. We have representatives in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

What companies are already using Avision products?

Globally, we supply scanners to Wal-Mart and several other large corporations. In South Africa, our clients include the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), the Life Group of Hospitals, KPMG, Gauteng Housing Department, Courier IT, Dr Morton & Partners and Dr Tuft & Partners (both radiologists).

How come I’ve never heard of Avision before?

Avision was started in Taiwan in 1991, so we’ve been around for a while. Our markets until now have been primarily in Asia, Europe and the USA but we’re now expanding into Africa.

Scanner capabilities and functionality

What warranty do you offer on your products?

All our scanners are guaranteed for a year from the date of purchase. Consumable items such as rollers and assy pads are not covered by the warranty and will need to replaced as part of the ongoing running costs of the scanner. These consumables can be purchased from us directly.

What happens if my Avision scanner breaks down? Is there after-sales service?

If you have any trouble with your scanner, you can call our helpline on +27 (0)21 425 1833 and we’ll try to assist you over the phone. If that’s not possible, you can send the scanner directly to us and we’ll assess if any repair is required. If we find a manufacturing fault and the scanner is still under warranty, it will be fixed and returned to you free of charge. If your equipment is out of warranty, you’ll be liable for any repair costs.

Will you show me how to use my scanner?

All our scanners come with comprehensive manuals which take you through how to set up and use your machine. This usually means we don’t need to come and train you/your staff on how to use it, but if you get stuck, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help you get started.

Do all the products come with manuals?

Yes. All our scanners come with detailed instruction manuals. There are also detailed troubleshooting FAQs on our parent company’s website – www.Avision.com.

What software comes as standard with an Avision scanner?

Your Avision scanner comes with a range of drivers and software as part of the package depending on the Avision scanner purchased. These can include:

  • Button Manager
  • AVScan
  • Readiris Pro
  • Abbyy Finereader
  • Capture tool
  • Paperport SE
  • ISIS driver
  • Twain driver
  • Virtual ReScan (VRS)

Do I need to get any additional software for my Avision scanner?

Your Avision software comes with a range of drivers and software applications (see previous question). These will be sufficient for you to use your scanner fully. However, if your company is looking to set up and run an electronic archive or document management system, there are various additional off-the-shelf and bespoke software solutions that are compatible with Avision scanners. If you are interested in these, please contact our partner company, First Coast Technologies.

Can I buy peripherals from you too? e.g. cables, spare parts, etc.

Yes you can. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll be happy to order them for you.

Service and support

How can a scanner improve my efficiency?

One of the big benefits is that once you’ve got an electronic version of a document, it’s much easier to find and share than a paper copy. You can email it or put it on a centralised network so that your colleagues can use it. Once you’ve scanned a document, you usually don’t need to keep the original, so you’ll save paper and space.

Is it true that using scanners can help my business go green?

Yes! Digitising your documents means you no longer need to make multiple copies for circulation to your colleagues and clients – you can simply email them the electronic version. Save paper, save ink, reduce storage space = save the planet!

What does ADF mean? Is this the same as ‘sheet-fed’?

ADF stands for auto document feed and yes, it means the same as ‘sheet-fed’. A feature on some of our scanners, this means you can load 50-100 pages into a tray on the scanner, which will then automatically feed them through the scanner. In other words you won’t need to place each page on the scanner yourself. Sheet-fed scanners are ideal for situations where you have large quantities of documents to be scanned, like application forms, client records or materials to be archived.

What is the difference between simplex and duplex?

Simplex scanning is where one side of a page is scanned; duplex scanning is where both sides of the page are scanned simultaneously.

What is a bookedge scanner?

Bookedge scanners have the glass going right to the edge of the scanning bed. This means that if you are scanning a page in a book, you’ll get a nice flat, neat scan – without that dark shadow by the spine.

I have 80 employees. How many scanners should I get and which one(s) would be best?

There are a number of options available to you. First you’ll need to assess your users, their daily document scanning needs, the sizes of the documents to be scanned, scanning speed requirements and the quality of the material being scanned.  Each customer’s scanning requirement is different. We’d be happy to help you assess your needs and work out the optimum number, type and configuration of scanners to suit your business and your budget. Give us a call on +27 (0) 21 425 1833.

I have a lot of loose papers to scan. What type of scanner would be best?

Quantities and speed are important in answering this question. The scanners all have recommended daily usage levels, and exceeding them impacts the warranty. However, our product catalogue does include scanners that can handle large volumes on a daily basis.

If your documents are the same size (e.g. A4) then a scanner with auto document feed (ADF) capability is ideal. With these scanners you can place 50-100 pages (depending on the model) in the document feed and the scanner will automatically scan one page at a time. Check out our list of ADF scanners.

I need to scan a lot of bound documents. Which scanner would be ideal?

Flatbed or bookedge scanners are ideal for this. The bookedge scanner eliminates the spine shadow and curvature in the page.

What format are scanned images saved as?

Documents scanned on Avision scanners can be output as PDF, JPEGs, TIFFs, PDFA, GIF, searchable PDFs or BMPs – simply choose which you prefer.

Can you email scanned images directly from the scanners?

Yes, this is possible with the Button Manager software that ships with most of the Avision scanner models.

What is an ultrasonic sensor and why would I want a scanner that has one?

The ultrasonic sensors in our ADF and large-volume scanners pick up when more than one page has been scanned together. You can programme the scanner to stop automatically if this happens, meaning you’ll never again miss a page or jam the scanner because multiple pages went through the feed at once.