Additional Warranty Cover

Avision offers the purchase of additional warranty cover for all equipment. Purchase 1 year or 2 years additional warranty with any original scanner purchase.

All Avision scanners come standard with a 1 year warranty. To purchase an additonal 1 or 2 year warranty on purchase of your scanner, please contact us directly, or work through any Avision Dealer.

All Avision scanners have a daily duty/volume limitation (see scanner specification information). This daily limit is provided by Avision to ensure the scanner provides maximum usage, quality and is effective over it’s entire life cycle. If these limitations are exceeded by the users, the warranty on the scanner can be found void.

Scanning requirements based on types of content (thick/thin/long), volumes of content and the size of your content, should be matched to the appropriate Avision scanner specification and life cycle (daily volume limitation).

Please consult Avision directly or contact any Avision dealer to discuss your requirements and request the appropriate recommendations for your content.